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  • tahoe parking brake

    anyone out there a Chevy mechanic/or general mechanic. my 2001 Tahoe parking brake does not hold. i have adjusted the parking shoes on the rear brake per the shop manual and can't get a good hold. if i expand them too much cant get the drum on. i think the cables are stretched. is there a way to tighten the cables, some type of clamp to make a loop in the cable and tighten it that way.

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    Cable adjustment starts at the pedal. Follow your shop manual.
    You don't say whether the pedal goes to the floor or if your wheel seal ever leaked. Too many questions remain to give a good answer. I would consult with one of the Chevy boards as they are far more familiar with Chevy problems. - Dave
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      shop manual just says to adjust parking brake with the parking brake shoes. i have tried to get a good answer on the tahoe/Yukon forum but not much help there. will try another Chevy site. thanks. wlr


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        Have you looked at the parking brake pedal assembly. It appears that you may be able to make the cable shorter there by using a spacer or washers. That should tighten the cables going to the brake shoes.

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          If you want to climb underneath you should have an adjustment bracket like the picture shows. You can make the cable from the parking brake pedal shorter which should tighten up the cables to the wheels.


          tahoe parking brake.jpg
          John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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            i think i tightened the adjustment shown in your photo, similar to our old t birds. will check again. then look at the pedal for the ebrake and see where i can try to where i can put spacers or washers. thanks.