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Driving To Meet Your Girlfriend!

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Driving To Meet Your Girlfriend!

    One of many, many email conversations that I have (and treasure for years) are with our Tbird owning Forum membership across the country and the world on a daily basis. It is even more exciting when they come to visit me, as some have in the last year or so.

    Tom (scumdog to us on the Forum) & Christine from New Zealand, with Leonard & Deb Wheeler from North Texas on the left as their hosts. They have become great friends with each other, visiting back and forth over the last few years!

    Bill Knighton (Penelope), wife Deb and friends Belinda & Andy on the left, from Perth, Western Australia at The Alamo!

    Here is an email with great friends Kim and Theo van Heel de Kok in The Netherlands. In one of their recent emails they told me about Claude LeLouch and his drive through Paris to meet his girlfriend... Some people will do anything to keep a date with a beautiful woman, as he did! Here is what they told me.

    "Have you ever heard about Claude Lelouch? He once drove through early morning Paris on an August day, to meet his girlfriend…

    The sound is the only thing he changed in the movie. The car was not a Ferrari, but a Mercedes 500. Because of the air suspension the Mercedes was the car of choice for this film. On a Ferrari the camera would have bounced so much that filming would have been impossible. Camera was a gyroscopic type, mounted at the cars front. Years after, Claude told that he was actually driving the car, not a F1 pilot as was first suspected. He didn’t admit to driving by himself in the first place, for good reason. He did not have permission to do so, apparently. It never went to larger theatres as that was forbidden by the government. Even today it still is somewhat of a cult movie…"

    The video is about 8 minutes long.... You can turn down the volume if you wish, or turn it up! But watch it til the end! Unless you are one who likes to read the last pages of the book to see how it ends!

    Sorry, this video is unavailable

    BTW... I do NOT recommend you do this in Texas, or anywhere else in this Country or yours!
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