I received this from Chris ~ bird 60 this weekend! You are gonna enjoy seeing the pix of this huge S&S event Down Under". Here is what he had to say.

"Hi Ray, I just came across this clip. It was taken last year at a Rock N Roll & Car Festival. You'll see quite a bit of Tweety 2's (Aussie Cuzzin') in the beginning & quite a lot near the end. You'll see my Bird at 1 min 7 secs & yours truly at 2 min 8 secs wearing a Western Hat. I took out best Classic Car on the day. The Guy taking the vid owns the (Yellow) Mustang & his Missus ain't bad either. No it's not an Australian accent, but a very strong English one. Yiasou.......Chris."

Chris's Red Squarebird is easy to spot with the port holes in the C column! Congratulations on another win, Chris! Here is the video to enjoy! https://youtu.be/8nGtxwtLYRw