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ANZAC Day Down Under!

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  • ANZAC Day Down Under!

    On the 24th of April, Tom wrote me to say this. I was not able to post the pix but now I can!
    "Hi Ray, Once again it’s ANZAC Day here in New Zealand and in Australia (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps), it started off as a memorial to those who died in WW1 but now has extended to include all wars. Due to Covid19 we didn’thave the annual parade and service by the War Memorial Cenotaph, instead there was a memorial service broadcast over public radio and RSA (Returned Servicemen Association) organized over the radio to have people stand at their front gate at 6am and listen to the memorial broadcast on the radio (we had a small transistor- remember them?)We also madea white cross with cardboard poppy flowers on the cross arm and Christine put some lights on it to make it more visible in the dark. The COVID19 lockdown has been fairly tight in NZ, no public gatherings, no games/events, only designated jobs to operate, all stores/shops closed except for supermarkets, no aimless driving around or sightseeingor unnecessary travel, no visiting people not in your ‘bubble’ ie those not in your household, hopefully it all works, so far we’ve had 1,456 cases and 17 deaths, the recorded new cases has dropped to 5 a day in the last couple of days so fingers crossed we can get it under control and keep it at bay until a vaccination is developed. Regards and stay safe,Tom." Since then, I heard on the news that New Zealand had ended their lock down. Here are the pix Tom sent.

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