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Tom & Chris Do USA Day In Dunedin Again!

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  • Tom & Chris Do USA Day In Dunedin Again!

    Tom ~ scumdog, sent me information and pix from their trip to Dunedin again this year. Here is what he had to say and the pix!

    "Hi Ray, Another year has gone by and it was the annual USA Day in Dunedin, run by Stateside Streeters. Chris and I went through in our Thunderbird and enjoyed the drive on a nice sunny 85F+ day. The ‘57 had just been bought by the wife of the guy that owns the red Mercury, both old friends of ours, I told her (and others) about As per last year I’ve included a ‘what’s different with this car’ photo, (the interior is of an Edsel station wagon in really good original condition, it’s in the background of one of the photos) There was not as many Thunderbirds there this year, a ‘56, the ‘57, a ‘59, a ‘62 convertible with tri-pak, our ‘66 and a ‘05. The Pontiac is a Canadian built one for NZ and Australian market, they were right hand steering with Chevrolet dash and drive line. The ‘40 De Luxe Ford is a fairly new import from California- very nicely done. Regards, Tom."
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    Tom, I had a (US) '66 Pontiac back in the day. Canadian Pontiac cars were commonly built with Chevrolet drive trains and other parts. The base 1966 Pontiac (Catalina) came with a 400 cubic inch engine in the USA. 428 was an engine option. In Canada, they came with Chevrolet 350 and 396 engines with lower compression ratios because those markets needed better fuel economy and lower octane gas. GM had more availability of Chevy parts overseas as well.
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      Hi Dave, well NZ ended up with 'left overs' in many of its early fords - my '63 Galaxie convertible had the speedometer and gauge set up from a '59 Edsel, our 46-48 Fords had '42(?) speedometer and gauges, our '57 Chevs had '56 speedometers and gauges and so it went.
      I don't think any Pontiacs sold new in NZ ever had a Pontiac V8 in them - oh and I've never seen a '55 Chev sold new in NZ that left the show-room with a V8 in it.
      And as an aside; a '56 Ford Mainline ute I once had was fitted with FOUR head gaskets under each head of the Y-block, rumour has it that the reason for that was to enable it to run satisfactorily on low grade gas, who know...
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