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  • hard top to convertable

    has anyone taken a 59 from hardtop to convertable

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    The most difficult part is beefing up the inner rocker panels. If that's not done it will twist like a pretzel when you cut the top off. If you are talking about turning it into a factory looking convertible the problem is the availability of parts. Unless you have a convertible donor car that has all the parts it's going to be nearly impossible to find a good convertible trunk lid, flip lid, package tray and convertible top frame. That doesn't include the dozens of other small parts that you will need to acquire. You are also going to have to fabricate the various brackets to hold the top components. Many people have cut the top off of a hardtop and called it a convertible without doing anything else. To me that's not a convertible, that's just butchery.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      thanks John. Maybe I will get lucky looking for a doner


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        Phil, many years ago, Bill Van Ess wrote a very well put together Tech Tip for us as to why you may not want to cut the top off your hardtop and make it convertible. John also gave you some good reasons why you may not want to do this. Here is that link in the TRL. Also you will find the Squarebird Frame Dimensions link in this url provided by Carl Heller ~ partsetal.

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          I definitely thought about it. But all the problems John pointed out kept me from thinking too seriously about it. It would probably be easier to fix whatever was wrong with the donor than it would be to transplant all the bits and make the necessary modifications.