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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    We Have A New Advertiser!

    As a result of this Ole Bloodhound putting his nose to the trail looking for a right front fender lower body repair panel for Wyldie's '60 Convertible I ran into something great! I was searching the internet for other companies who might have this panel and found several who specialize in making or marketing these ole body panels for our Tbirds. One of them happens to be C2C Fabrication Company in Redford, Michigan! They have a lot of body parts for many different years of Tbirds, and all other makes and models of from classic to modern cars. So I contacted them to obtain their permission to add them as an advertiser in our Advertisements Forum. And they accepted!

    Not only did they accept, but they also gave us a 10% discount on ordering parts from them, without me even asking for one! They are a veteran owned company with a great reputation, according to our illustrious webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected. He has done business with them, and has visited their plant and office, and is very pleased with the quality of their work and their setup.

    So I am about to add their information to the Advertisements Forum. Here is their website for you to view and check out. You will see that they cover all makes and models and many years. So this is a company you can buy a lot of parts from for any car you own. (BTW... This Ole Bloodhound struck pay dirt again, it looks like, in finding that panel for Wyldie... More on finding that later!)

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