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Now here is a guy who knows how to take his time!

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  • Now here is a guy who knows how to take his time!


    A friend of mine sent this site to me and I'm sure anyone that has a love for cars will find this fascinating. The car was built by one person and is incredibly done. Jon

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    THAT is completely over the top. The man has the patience of a saint! Completely over the top! 15 years of work. If I had any say at Ferarri I'd GIVE him a new one and take his model in return for an exhibit in the car's home offices. So amazing, I watched it twice! Thanks for the link.


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      Jon, I would hope that my mechanic has an ounce of the patience that this guy has. Can you imagine the time and dedication it must have taken. That was incredible. TX

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        I've been showing this video to everyone who will look at it. It's so incredible! I would love to see the design and construction process in greater detail. Thanks for sharing!!