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And Jon get the big trophy

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  • And Jon get the big trophy

    Just playing around and thought I might post this picture for you guys to drool over. I didn't get it for the T Bird (T Bird wasn't in my dreams yet!) but for my 42 dodge. I kind of laughed a little when I got it because most of the other cars that were at this show began with price tags of 20 thousand or more. But it goes to show you if you do your own work and really like to show oft your car it can be done and done with in a small out of the pocket funds. I have maybe 8,000 in my 42 and that's nothing into days world of cars.

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    Congratulations. It is nice when sometimes the underdog wins.
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      $20,000.00 Smile

      The smile on your face is worth $20,000.00 Way to Go


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        Jon you look very humble with your trophy. I especially like the laid back " holiday look" with the shorts and T-Shirt.
        Congrats and your right, it doesn't take a whole pile of dough to ensure our cars stand out at the show and shines.

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        Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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