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Dear Santa:

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  • Dear Santa:

    If you get me this for Christmas I won't ask for anything ever again -


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    Do you really think if Santa had $60K he'd be riding in a shabby old sleigh.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      Nice idea but when I saw the Coyote 5.0 and the upgrades on this 58 not my cup of tea. Probably take the sleigh
      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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      60 HT (Sold )


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        (an Irish toast, meaning "health")


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          A Slightly Different Santa.....

          A P-51 Version of 'Twas the Night Before CHRISTmas'....(Poem}

          'Twas the night before Christmas all over the place,
          When we were confronted by an old flying ace.
          There was icing reported and turbulent air ,
          He said, "File me a flight plan, I gotta get there".

          Outside sat his aircraft all ready to run,
          And the old man walked out to that P-51.
          "Bad weather's no problem," he silently mumbled,
          The prop came to life...that big Merlin rumbled.

          He eased in the throttle, the roar shook the ground,
          He taxied on out and turned it around.
          He went through the run-up and seemed satisfied,
          Then he said to himself, "I'm in for a ride."

          So he lined it up straight as he poured on the coal,
          The tail wheel came up as he started to roll.
          Up off the runway, he sucked up the gear,
          And that mighty V-12 was all you could hear.

          He screamed overhead with a deafening crack,
          Blue flames flying from each little stack.
          "He pulled up the nose and started to climb,
          No ice on that air frame, it didn't have time.

          On top of the weather with the levers all set,
          He looked up above him and saw a Learjet.
          "With jet fuel and turbines there just ain't no class,
          Gimmee pistons, and props and lots of avgas!"

          Now he was approaching where he wanted to go.
          But the weather had covered the runway with ice and with snow.
          How will he land it? We just have to guess,
          because the only way in was a full I-L-S.

          Then over the outer marker, he started his run,
          The ceiling was zero, visibility...none.
          Still going three hundred and he felt the need,
          For an overhead break to diminish his speed.

          Over the numbers he zoomed, along like a flash,
          Pulled into his break, we just knew he would crash.
          Oh, why do they do it on these kind of nights??
          Then over the threshold, we saw landing lights.

          "I'm on a short final with three in the green,
          And I see enough runway to land this machine."
          Then he tied down that Mustang, and they all heard him say,..
          "Next year, I'm stickin' with my reindeer and sleigh.."

          Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
          The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
          Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411


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            Heh heh - that's a funny one Ray.

            On the '58 - I'd make that my daily driver.
            About the only thing I would change is the steering wheel. I'd find an adapter and install an original.
            Love the color combo, interior, running gear, rack and pinion steering, A/C, Wire wheels, wide whites (420HP!) etc.
            Doubt it's worth 60K but it sure is a nice resto-mod in my book.