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  • Need Someone To Appraise A Tbird?

    One of the things that I am often asked about when I am helping someone find the Tbird of their dreams is if I know anyone in the classic car appraisal business. My reply has always been that I did not, and that they should google it to find someone. I no longer have to do that anymore!

    Jon Lundberg, Sr., ~ DSRTDWELR, on the Forum, of Oro Valley, Arizona joined us back in 2015, but speaking with him this morning, I have found that he has retired from the business. He has provided me with information regarding how to find classic car appraisers in the USA.

    There is a map that I will post a link to that will tell you who to contact when looking for an appraiser in a State that you are considering buying in. There will be a fee, of course, and that depends on a number of different criteria. The report you receive will not be a cursory examination of the car, as some others do, but a very detailed one, with pictures taken of the car on location by the appraiser. Pictures of the Data Plate, and other badge information, and a complete and full examination of the car, top and bottom. That report can be 12-20 pages of very detailed information regarding that vehicle.

    Here also is a link to this website, the Vehicle Valuation Services website, showing the map where you can find someone in your area to perform an appraisal for you.

    Put your cursor on any State on the map to find a contact for an appraiser.

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