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  • Yes - More about brakes!

    A lot of good info has been posted recently about brake upgrades. That is good - brakes are important!! My 57 has front disks, my 63SR is pure stock. Both stop well in my opinion and I am confident in them relating to my local crusing/driving environment staying close to home. No long distance driving.

    Here is the issue we all face and need to be aware of, not just with vintage cars, but every time we get behind the wheel. Not only are we in the mix of "modern" cars, we are now getting more and more vehicles with "active braking" or computerized braking when an accident is sensed. These systems react so fast and with so much force, it is amazing - especially to the guy behind one of these vehicles when the system is activated!

    Reason for the post is my neighbor just rear ended a Mercedes. He was driving a 2015 pick up truck and lightly tapped the vehicle in front of him. The MB driver had a vehicle pull out in front of him and he said he was stopped before he could react and never hit the vehicle which pulled out. The system works amazingly well and so much faster than a person could react which puts the following vehicle in jeopardy. Adding that to the mix we need to be very cautious with an old car should you be on the interstate or local expressway.

    Our old brakes may be "good" (at best) but today's technology makes it a different world and 50+ year old technology just doesn't mix well.

    Just my thought for the day!!
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    Joe excellent post and something we should all be aware of. Thanks
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