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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Herbie The Love Bug-Tow Mater & More

    I have been friends with Bill and Alice Barlow for some years now and have visited them in their shop in Hialeah. When I was there, I saw the truck from Beverly Hillbillies that he owned, and other classy and unusual cars that he had built over the years. You will see some of them in this video clip. He also owned an old milk truck that I will tell you about, that he used in parades all the time.

    A few yeas ago, I had that milk truck sitting in front of my house on a trailer! Bill and Alice were hauling it across country with his '66 Chevy C-10 pickup truck to his nephew in California who had bought it, truck, trailer and milk truck. The milk truck had a full sized plastic black and white cow inside it! It also has the stepping gear in the truck. When on parade he would walk along side the truck and it would "step" from house to house, just like the horses were trained to do back then, without a driver in the truck or the wagon. That used to really fascinate people. You can spend hours and hours listening to Bill talk about his life. His auto shop is covered with movie star pictures, important people from all over the world that he has known. At one time some years back, when the President came to the Miami area for meetings, the Secret Service would contact him and have him drive the presidential limo, as he knew Miami area streets like no one else. You would love spending time with him, I am sure.

    He is quite the fascinating and giving character! For years he and his team did the on site repairs for movie makers of restoring crashed cars and getting them back on the road again for more scenes. Some years ago, he decided he was to old for that and sold that business to his nephew out in California. He built and owned, the truck used on "The Beverly Hillbillies" and owns and built "Herbie The Love Bug" and "Tow Mater Tow Truck" also. In this video clip below he said that he has since sold the Beverly Hillbillies truck.

    After meeting them in their office in Hialeah I told them I would do a power show for them on the restoration of Alice's '59 Caddy "Gypsy Lady" that he had bought for Alice as a gift and I did. They show it on a laptop when they display the car. Because of that Caddy, and the power show, I decided that I would try and find me a Caddy Coupe de Ville to restore. Until I took the measurements of it and found that if I bought one, three feet of it would be sticking out of the garage!

    THAT is when I remembered my dream of having a '59 Tbird. Soooo, I got the measurements of a '59 Tbird and found that I would have about a foot to spare in the garage. That started the hunt!
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