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  • Great '65 Shelby Info !!

    Didn't know where to start this post at, so thought I'd try it in the Ford News Blog. Ray, if you think it otta go somewhere else, please move it there. This is some great stuff about Shelby's!

    My good friend and Bestman, John Eric Sutton, has always had a love for Shelby Mustangs, so does his dad, Ted, and so does his daughter, Shelby. Carroll Shelby is/was Shelby's godfather, Ted was Carroll's go-to wrenchman back in the 60s, John Eric is a sailor/surfer dude product of California lifestyle, and Shelby is his cute teenage daughter. Look at the youtube vid, look at the pics, and see for your self. The video shows them doing recent complete builds from scratch for two genuine Shelby Mustangs. How'd you like to build a brand new '65 Shelby in your garage? John Eric wrote to me several days ago the following;

    Well, after not working with my Dad Ted on any car projects for 40 years, I got the opportunity of a lifetime.

    I was able to work with Ted Sutton, Pete Brock, Jim Murrietta, and Duane Carling on this project!

    (Early Shelby guys building the í65 GT 350 Mustang like they wanted to back then). (Ted was testing the IRS rear end on a Falcon to put on the Mustang).

    It took about 100 days and we actually built (2) í65 Shelby Mustang GT 350 Rís, one with stock live axle and one with the early 50 yr old IRS suspension.

    We have run and shown the cars at Willow Springs and Spring Mtn. raceway in Las Vegas area.

    My daughter Shelby got to ride in both the cars on the track!

    Note: Randyís 2012 Mustang Boss 302 could not keep up with the IRS Mustang on the track!

    2 events for the 50 year anniversary of the Mustang and the Shelby Mustang win, the 1st 427 Cobra, and etc.
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