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  • bird 60
    • Mar 18 2009
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    Automobile Catalog

    Hi Fellow T. BIRDERS, whilst trying to find details whether my Cadillac met the Historic Rego requirements, I came across the link on the computer,AUTOMOBILE CATALOG. It covers Cars from 1945-2015. It gives ALL the information, & yes mine meets the criteria required. On the Caddy's Body Number Plate it reads '79-12b etc. Now I know that it's a '79, but didn't know if the 12b was December of the 2nd week in '78 or '79. With the AUTOMOBILE CATALOG it showed all the Specs. The production for the Caddy was from September '78 to September '79, therefor mine was made in December '78. This would help a lot of people like me that haven't got the original paperwork of purchase.

    Chris.....From OZ.
  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
    • 17179

    Automobile Catalog

    Thanks for this, Chris. There is a ton of information about these old cars of ours, world wide. If you want to look at the USA Ford information, you can go to this webpage. If you want to look at Ford production in other countries you can do that also. The same applies to any make and model of car from 1945-2015. You can spend a lot of time on this website!

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