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Any legal Birders here?

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  • Any legal Birders here?

    A mate from across the pond (UK) purchased a Bird from the USA and got slightly shafted, I have some emails and pix - just wondering if there is any recourse at getting some of the $$ back
    While I have read through everything sent to me, nothing really glares as "false advertising" and even though 4 good questions were never addressed other than an answer of "This car needs some work. It's a great builder though." The frame is swiss cheese both sides are affected, so thats not really "great"

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    I know his pain. Although my Tbird was not full of rust I have spent quite a considerable amount of time and money fixing up problems that were not reported in an inspection summary that I had done before purchase. I don't understand how anyone checking a vehicle could miss oil, water, transmission and power steering leaks leaving a huge puddle on the ground in minutes. You would have to be totally blind. I really paid $2k more than I should have for the car that I bought plus the money for parts from the US and labour since.
    Anyway I would have been a bit suspicious of someone who would not give a direct answer to questions asked. Unfortunately once the car is out of the US and in your garage your not exactly going to spend the money to send it back. Which is what these people count on. I'd send the pics to the guy who sold it and see if he feels morally obligated to refund any money. Hope your mate has some luck.


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      Unfortunately when a car is sold "As Is/No Warranty" that's exactly what it means. It's the buyers responsibility to inspect the vehicle. It doesn't matter if it's 50 years old or 5 years old. If you trust the word of the seller most likely you will be disappointed. When I buy a car sight unseen I expect that the seller is going to hide certain facts and I factor that into the price.

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        Thx ya'll I was hoping to catch them on false adverts or something but so far no joy.


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          My advise to anyone wanting to purchase a car. First work out exactly what you're looking for, eg., what make of car, year, color, what your budget is etc. Whether it's in your country or overseas treat it like a mini holiday & go & check it out personally. Learn to be patient, which is very important & anything that sounds to good to be true for a low price most of the time isn't. The beauty about the computer is that you get a really good idea as to what you want, especially when it's your first Classic.

          Chris.....From OZ.