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90-degree speedo cable fitting

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  • Alexander
    RE: 90-degree speedo cable fitting

    Try these guys:

    1959 Hardtop
    1960 Golde Top

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  • tarps3
    started a topic 90-degree speedo cable fitting

    90-degree speedo cable fitting

    This isn't related to Squarebirds but rather to a new 'toy' I recently acquired.
    I bought a '64 Chevy C10 pickup to use as a daily driver.
    The thing is fun and runs like a champ.
    I know - it's not a Ford, but it is still VERY cool.

    Anyway, the first thing I did was swap out the bad 3-on-the-tree for a floor shifter.
    The problem is that the shifter mechanism prevents me from screwing in the speedo cable in the tranny housing.
    What I need is a 90-degree adapter so the cable runs parallel to the tranny instead of entering it head-on.

    I've seen such a fitting and know it will work, but I simply cannot find a supplier for them. It has a 1:1 gear in it that turns the speedo cable.

    Does anyone have any ideas or have you dealt with a similar problem?