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Sand Blasting Advice?

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  • fomoco59
    • Jun 10 2005
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    Sand Blasting Advice?

    Hey guys,
    Anyone have a lot of experience with sandblasting cabinets?
    I've got this consistant, aggravating problem with the media "surging" thru the gun while I'm using it. I've got a 60 gal/5HP compressor, so that's keeping up. I've verified the jets/nozzles are compatable, and have tried several types of media.
    I think the problem is water build up in the lines. I've got a water separator after the compressor with the blue dessicant, which turns pink pretty quickly, which means it's time to change it. I need to find a way to cool or dry the air before it gets to the water separator/filter. I added 25 ft of hose in hope it would condensate in there first.. it's a little better. I drain the compressor tank weekly. One thing I heard one guy did was add a small radiator and electric fan in-line to cool the air. Any suggestions out there?

    Mike Lemmon
    '59 Hardtop
    '60 Hardtop

    Mike Lemmon
    '59 Raven Black Hardtop
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    RE: Sand Blasting Advice?

    I have a little 4" diameter shell and tube heat exchanger that I run cold water through when I need dry air (then a section or two of hose to warm it back up sometimes). Works great other than the water conservation aspect. Shell and tube heat exchangers are a common industrial thing and you might be able to pick one up at a scrap yard or industrial salvage place. I got mine from the scrap pile before the junkman came at work, so the price was right. They are probably too pricy to buy new for this. I also run through about 20' of copper all of the time to cool the air down ( with a drip leg and drain at the end before I go up to my regulator). Pretty low tech, but low investment also......