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Ford Sez-No New Tbird....

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  • Ford Sez-No New Tbird....

    I just received an email regarding whether or not Ford is planning to re-introduce the Tbird in 2016. This email originated from a well-known leader in the Thunderbird world. Here is the gist of what I received.

    "If you have not seen it before, there is a picture of a 2016 Thunderbird floating around the internet. I was all excited to think that Ford might be bringing the Thunderbird back again. There were emails sent and contacts were made with those who I thought would be in the know about the car. With this email is a response that came from Ford. It appears the Thunderbird may have to wait awhile if it ever does come back.

    First the question posed to Ford.

    Received: 1/4/2015 11:06 PM
    Subject: Feedback Vehicle, Dealer, Ford Motor Company

    Questions/Comments:Is Ford coming out with a 2016 Thunderbird or is the information on the internet a hoax? There is an ad type poster showing the car and jets flying over head on the internet. The poster states the car will have 600 HP with a quad turbo. The poster has a name on the lower right corner of Jeffery A. Taylor. A person with that name is a graphics artist for Ford and other companies. Is the 2016 Thunderbird real?

    The Ford response.

    From: BAC M.P. HQ - CSFORD <>
    Date: Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 11:17 AM
    Subject: RE: Feedback Vehicle, Dealer, Ford Motor Company
    Dear Mr.

    Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company. We appreciate the time you have taken to write to us.

    We understand your enthusiasm of seeing the Ford Thunderbird back on the market. At this time there are no confirmed plans to reintroduce the Ford Thunderbird. For any information that maybe available, please visit You can also visit for information on all of our vehicles as it becomes available.

    Should you require additional assistance, please contact our Marketing Program Headquarters at 1-800-334-4375. We are available Monday Friday, 9 A.M. 6 P.M. ET to assist you.

    Thank you again for contacting Ford Motor Company.


    Marketing Program Headquarters
    Ford Motor Company"

    Here is the picture that has been floating around the internet, apparently.
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    Looks a little dated would make a better Mitsubishi Eclipse as shown. I don't see a roadster when I look at that picture.
    Plus I think Ford is Mustang Crazy and doesn't want to compete with in the brand.


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      Looks like a Ford Fusion coupe to me.


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        The question and answer didn't go through many 'inside' channels. What you got was a 'canned' response, given to everyone about models that have not been introduced.

        We all know that any new model takes a minimum of three years of lead time after the drawings are done. Dies and checking fixtures must be made, manufacturing provisions must be done regarding presses, floor space, dunnage, because stamping plants 'bid' on these jobs. Build shops must have time to build automation and conveyance machines, procure, install and program robots, then give a demonstration to the receiving plant's engineering, production and safety departments, etc. Then, there are changes.

        After acceptance, the machines are torn down, moved and set into the plants, manpower is adjusted and production starts. This is a typical new model launch.

        My point is, thousands of people will know about ANY new model, years before it comes out. Your inside track isn't very 'inside'. It's true that a launch may be given a 'code name' like, 'SN-95' or 'MN-12', but all the checking fixtures and the dies have part numbers stamped into them. Everyone knows what car the new parts are for. - Dave
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