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ATTN: Those Of You In Texas...

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  • ATTN: Those Of You In Texas...

    Texas Street Rod/Custom Law Change

    Here is something that was just brought to my attention by a friend. Source: Winter 2014 semaSAN Driving Force bulletin.

    In response to comments from the SAN (SEMA Action Network), Texas regulations have been amended to remove a provision dis-allowing the titling of vehicles without "a body, motor and frame manufactured by a motor-vehicle manufacturer." Under the amended regulations, such vehicles may be registered using the street-rod and custom vehicle law passed by the state's legislature in 2011. The 2011 law, a product of SEMA-model legislation, provides that vehicles that are made to resemble older vehicles, but which have been altered from those older vehicle's original manufacturer's designs or constructed from non-original materials, may be titled as street rods and custom vehicles. The regulatory change ensures vehicles without an original manufacturer body, motor and frame can be titled under the street-rod and custom vehicle law going forward. The DMV also indicated that vehicles constructed with original steel bodies and frames can no longer be erroneously branded "replicas."

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