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Mooneyes Xmas Party Car Show

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  • Mooneyes Xmas Party Car Show

    Once a year in December, Mooneyes hosts a monster car show at the Irwindale Speedway, near L.A.!! This year it's on Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014. I've gone every year and every year it's been mammoth! This year is the first year that they are limiting the cars showed to pre '65, so it should be of particular interest to lovers of '50s cars (with lots of '40s and early '60s in the mix, also.) The show has a rockabilly edge and a very diverse demographic in attendance -- but I'm 73 and it's my favorite car show of the year! If you want to show a car, come early! Last year it was sold out by 7:30 AM, so plan to arrive at 6:00 AM, if you want to enter your car. (Lookie-loos can come any time of the day, if they don't have a car to show.) Look up the flier on the Mooneyes website.

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    Roger sounds like a blast with all those cars and if anyone is in the area should take it in Sounds like you enjoy the show and of course age doesn't matter does it
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