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I wanted to rip the processor out of it's still powered

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  • I wanted to rip the processor out of it's still powered

    I could not believe it they were gone. All the time spent memories made and then they were gone. Just like that.

    For those of you who have a digital camera and store your pictures on your pc let me warn you. Always have a backup of your important pictures. I accidentally erased all of my restoration pictures from my computer today. I thought I had only deleted one picture and so I emptied the recycling bin. But it was every last one of them. Not only that but pictures from car shows of one of a kind cars that I'll never see again.:'( I felt like my heart had dropped out of my body. Then the sadness turned to anger and anger to rage. That computer had just fooled me into deleting the only valued and irreplacable bytes on it's entire ram. This rage began to fester in me like a cancer and slowly I began to hate this computer. I wanted to rip the processor out of it's still powered case. There it sat, fan humming at me, as if it were taunting me. Just as I was about to unleash a terrible fury on this eater of memories, this breaker of dreams my wife walks in and after telling her what happened she ask "Does that mean we lost the pictures of our trip to see my parents?" Realizing that she was right I was able to find a peace, however temporary it may be, still peace which allowed my to halter my agression and work through my problems with my computer to come to type this message. So I tell you backup your files. Do it now. Don't let this problem come between you and your computer. I made it through, but your inlaws might not be there to save you in the end.
    But seriously this really sucks. Now I don't have any pictures of my bird before I ripped into her. From this point on I am going to backup my files and I also pulled out my old 35mm and begin taking pictures that are physical. I had everything that I had done to her up until this point on camera. Everything was photographed before hand to see where it went. Factory markings were photographed. So many things were photographed that I can't finish on here. Well this is making me sick talking bout it. Guess I really screwed up this time.

    Brian Costello

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    RE: I wanted to rip the processor out of it's still pow

    Don't dispair. I once accidently deleted all my e-mail files from my hard drive, but I was able to recover all of them.

    When you delete a file, you are just deleting the title of the file. the file is still there until it is written over. this is how the FBI catches evidence from mobsters who think they have erased their whole hard drive.

    There is a marvelous program called that can find most file types and recover them.

    First thing though is that you need to stop using the hard drive you are using, because use of it will start writing over some of the files you are trying to recover. Buy a new hard drive and make it your master. Load Windows onto it and all your programs including recovermyfiles. Hook up your old hard drive as a slave on the same IDE cable. You will need to just change the little jumpers onthe back of the drive. Now let the recovermyfiles program get to work. You will have most if not all your pictures back.

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