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  • Saw a Square Bird Today

    There was a small (50 cars) car show near me today. I did not go as I had work to do around the house. The show broke up around 5PM. I happened to be out at that time, and about 2 miles from the show. I did see coming towards me several cars on their way home. One of them was a 1960 T-Bird Coupe in white. I got a good look at it. It looked show-quality all the way. Here's what saw.
    Driver: Older male at least 70 years
    White 'Bird, looked like black & white 2-tone interior.
    Options I saw"
    Exterior funny mirrors with combination spotlight & mirror
    Tri color (red, white Blue(?) ) wheel covers
    Skirts (?)
    Fender emblems - I think
    Had the 1960 grille with the +++++++++ on it.

    That's all I could see - It was #1 car at a traffic lite, coming toward me, and me the #1 car going oppisite direction, or toward him.
    Had an antenna on the deck lid, too.
    The mirror/spotlight deal perked my interest the most.

    (Seems to me these 'Bird Coupes were all white or black.......)

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    RE: Saw a Square Bird Today

    You are right. Most of the 1958-60 Thunderbirds were either White or Black. White was by far the most popular color. In 1981 when I was shopping for a 1959 Thunderbird, I looked at nine cars, all of them were white!

    Back then, you did not need to buy a car in a unusual color to stand out. All the cars were different shapes so you could easily find your car in the parking lot. the 1958-60 Thunderbird was truly "unique in all the world."

    The tri-colored center section of the wheels was a rare option when new. It was the Sun Ray applique for the Sun Ray wheel cover. They are common now since they reproduce them. Spotlights were also an uncommon option. I added the spotlight to my 1959. My 1960 Golde Top had it since new. I need to find the build sheet to see if it was factory installed or dealer installed.

    1959 Hardtop
    1960 Golde Top
    1959 Hard Top
    1960 Golde Top