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Windshield Gasket Too Short

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Windshield Gasket Too Short

    Jay, up in Massachusetts, was replacing his '59 windshield and ran into a problem with his windshield gasket being about 2-3 inches to short at the corner. That was creating a problem, so he asked me how to fix it. I did not know the answer, but his windshield installer did. He soaked the gasket with Windex and I gather, as a result, he was able to stretch it to the proper length to get it to fit right in place. The windshield install was a success. So, if you run into that problem on a windshield install keep that trick in mind.

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  • yellow98cobra
    • May 28 2012
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    I did my windshield last summer I set the gasket out in sun for an hour and then was able to get it on. Also when my Wife and I installed the window I found that it helped to set some 1/4" dowls across the cowl vent and window frame just to give us a moment to get our hands and the glass repositioned before pushing the Glass & Gasket up into the top window flange. Then we pulled the dowls out and the window set down onto the bottom flange and while I applied pressure I had my wife get in the car and pull the string out and set the gasket around the flange. Shop manual was spot on
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    • Dakota Boy
      • Jun 30 2009
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      Good 'ol Shop Manual.

      Worth its weight in gold.