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Happy Birthday Amanda!

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  • JohnG
    • Jul 28 2003
    • 2341

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    The dog in my avitar is Amanda, a mostly English Springer Spaniel.

    Amanda hates being in cars. Shakes, gets nervous, pants, has a poor time. About 8 years ago she got into the back of our Squarebird and thought that was just fine.

    I got a rubber backed soft rug to cover the back seat. She loves going for rides in the TBird and often takes off like **** for the garage and stands there barking to go somewhere, even if that wasn't why we were outside. If I leave her in the car to go in a store, she sits in the driver's seat intently waiting for me. This amuses no end of people.

    Needless to say, she has consumed more than her fair share of doggy sized ice cream and FrostyPaws.

    Today she turns 15. By some miracle she is in superb health and having a **** of a time. And she loves "her car".


    1958 Hardtop
    #8452 TBird Registry

  • Dan Leavens
    Moderator / Administrator

    • Oct 4 2006
    • 6380

    Mr. Goulet happy BDay to Amanda as well. Remember she is your senior ( in dog years ) so treat her well. All the best on this day
    Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
    Thunderbird Registry
    58HT #33317
    60 HT (Sold )


    • Ian M Greer
      • Jul 29 2010
      • 145

      John , remember she man's best friend . I myself have yet to replace the loss of my great Dane . But for sure in the future . Treat her with the love and respect she desires , which I'm sure you do , a true and loyal companion for life , regards Ian M Greer (Remember Not All Birds Fly South )