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Big red Christmas present

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    Big red Christmas present

    Hi all

    It has been a long time coming but my car is finally in the country and has been unloaded from the container. It has travelled well over the ocean blue or so I've been told. I have to wait until Monday morning for customs to clear it and then it will be trucked home just in time for Christmas - probably won't fit under the tree. Unfortunately I won't be able to drive it until it gets a roadworthy (we call it a Blue Slip) and full road registration. This may not happen until the New Year unless I can find an inspector on duty during the break. Here's hoping...

    To everyone on the forum, thanks for your fantastic encouragement and assistance. Have a great Christmas and New Year.


  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
    • 17271

    Big red Christmas present

    Hi Mark! Congratulations! I know you have been waiting for some time. I am glad to hear that all seems to be okay with her. I hope you get a nice present between Christmas and New Years! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    • tbird430
      • Jun 18 2007
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      Yes. Congrats!!

      Before too long all you Aussie's & Europeans will have all the classic American cars over there!! LOL!!!

      -Jon in TX.

      We expect pictures too!!
      The 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The WORLD'S most wanted car....

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      • simplyconnected
        • May 26 2009
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        Originally posted by tbird430
        Before too long all you Aussie's & Europeans will have all the classic American cars over there!! LOL!!!
        These words are deeply profound. Those places are still safe-havens for classic cars because the US Government has done everything it can to KILL our engines.

        Ray just sent an email warning about how soon 15% gasohol will be mandated. That's sad.

        The Environmental Protection Agency makes manufacturers advertise the MPG of every new car. Notice the gross assumption? Miles per gallon of WHAT?
        We cannot get gasoline any more. But, official mileage is still based on gasoline.

        Equal volumes of alcohol has less BTU's than gasoline and alcohol produces fewer miles per gallon. It also drops the octane level.

        E15 reveals about 1/3 fewer MPG and lower octane by about three points. Our classics were not engineered or built for this fuel. They have high compression ratios and were built to burn LEADED, high octane gas.

        The last hold-outs are lands like Australia and Europe. Those places are much more friendly for sustaining our classics. - Dave
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        • wackid
          • Dec 1 2012
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          Europe still is a heaven of classic cars. As i can speak from the Netherlands. But things changes here also.

          They wanted to let classic car owners to pay roadtaxes. For modern cars that was always normal. If your car is not older than 25 years.

          But what is a big trend here. People buy a Mercedes diesel in Germany of over 25 years. And they drive it daily. Big luxery classic car cheap fuel and no tax to pay. So the government want to stop that.

          They said OK. Every car has to pay now. For a Squarebird that will be a 1000 dollar a year!! The tax is depending on the weight of the car.

          Many classic car enthousiasts and car clubs were/are angry. Because the real classic car maniac drives a few kilometers a year. And have several cars. So a huge buck to pay.

          Now at this time the government understands that's not fair. And looking for an alternative. Like a 60 days card.

          Everything which has to do under environment or the crisis the want to let you pay.


          And congratulations and happy miles....
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          • Anders
            • Jan 19 2008
            • 2213

            Here in Sweden, I like to call the regulations very generous. If the car is from 1950 or older, you donīt pay any tax or even need to get it through the inspections. But it need to be "original", or the Police can check the papers. You just drive it. From 1951 and newer, it need to pass the inspection, but the rules are that, whatīs original "at the time" still rules. So I donīt need any seatbelts in my bird, as it wasnīt installed as new. My road tax is 10 dollar per year and full insurance is pretty close to 100 dollars a year. BUT, and here it comes, there are a few things that I need to fulfill in order to get these low insurance. First I need to be a member of a club who have a deal with the insurance company. Pretty much every brand and model have that. You also need have another car registred as the oldtimer suppose to be a hobby, not the familys main vehicle. I need to have it stored in a garage, there is a limited amount of milage I can do and the last thing is that I am not allowed to drive it to work, as a daily driver, but only for hobby / recreation / events / cruising and so forth. I have no problem with this, even though I sometimes taking her to work in the summer....
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            • Guest

              Gee, and I thought we were doing it tough here in OZ because we no longer have leaded petrol. We do have alternatives for fuel as we can still get straight unleaded 91 octane as well as 95 and 98 octane with no ethanol. I won't touch the E10 even in my modern car.

              We have similar system to yours, Anders. In New South Wales we can run vehicle on historic registration if it is 30 years or older. This covers registration and 3rd party injury insurance at a cost of about $75 a year.
              The owner must be a car club member and we have similar restrictions on driving to ensure it is not used as an everyday car. I have my Studebaker pickup on historic plates but the T-Bird will be on full registration as
              I want to be able to drive it whenever the mood takes me.

              By the way, my car arrived this afternoon. Perfect timing on Christmas eve. I couldn't resist firing it up straight away and taking Julia for a quick spin. Very cool!!

              Merry Christmas all



              • scumdog

                • May 12 2006
                • 1528

                I think the only way we 'do it tough' in NZ is at the pumps.

                No special need to be in a club to run your classic car (over 40 years old) as a daily use type vehicle.

                And rego is 1/2 price of a 'modern' car - AND if your rego runs out and you can't afford it/be bothered renewing it? - no worries, just do it when you can (but don't drive it in the meantime.!)

                Modern cars are continuous, i.e. rego runs out and you wait two months to re-rego it and pay for six months? - you've just lost two months rego.

                Not so with the cars over 40 years old (our classics)!! Woohoo!

                BTW: You can run a supercharged fat tyred Austin Bantam on the streets over here if you want - no special rego, just has to pass a one time Certification test and you're away.

                Have a Great Christmas and a Safe & Happy New Year everybody!

                Oh, and Griffin, I am so pleased your car arrived AND goes so well, good on ya!

                A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.