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Happy Holidays !!!

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    Happy Holidays !!!

    As we get to the Christmas season before the US I thought I beat everyone to it.
    Tom (Scumdog) I know you get there first

    Wishing every one and their families the best of the season and a great 2013 to come

    I know for me it's been a huge year in all aspects some good some not so good but remember there's always someone who is having a harder time than yourself

  • simplyconnected
    • May 26 2009
    • 8833

    Amen, to that. Richard, we just suffered a tremendous loss with the shooting deaths in a Connecticut school last week Friday (14th). Thank God it wasn't worse.

    The families and extended families, friends, neighbors and loved-ones will be in shock for a long time to come.

    By comparison, we don't have anything to complain about; only blessings to be grateful to God for. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May 2013 bring all of our members good health, prosperity, peace, and the joy of having a perpetually full tank of gas.

    This time last year, I was wishing SandyBoy the same. I miss him. - Dave
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    • scumdog

      • May 12 2006
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      My holiday is to head to Coober Pedy to catch up with Mrs Scumdog.

      I guess it will be warm huh!

      Have a good, safe break from work all you Thunderbirders.
      A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.


      • Dan Leavens
        Moderator / Administrator

        • Oct 4 2006
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        To you and yours from me and mine, all the very best over the holiday season. 2013 IS going to be a good year for all
        Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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        • Guest

          Feliz Navidad ...

          from PR and a good new year to all. No snow here but we do have snowmen. Mike


          • Guest

            God bless each and everyone. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Peace to the world
            Richard and Dee Dee Hord


            • DKheld
              • Aug 27 2008
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              OH GEEZ - it's the 23'rd of December!

              Thanks a lot stupid Mayans.

              Guess I'm going to have to start my Christmas shopping.

              Merry Christmas and best wishes,


              • YellowRose

                • Jan 21 2008
                • 17300

                Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

                For those of you who can't get enough of Christmas, this should light up your life! Here is 15 minutes of Christmas light and music shows for 2010 by the Holdmans. Then below that are more of their past Christmas light and music displays. Click on each video clip to play. Merry Christmas to all!


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