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I'm back been out for a while

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  • I'm back been out for a while

    Hello all

    I've been off here for awhile got into a car accident, about 1.5 years ago and had the have 2 operation on my wrist (left and being left handed) and left me unable to work on my t-bird. They ended up removing 3 bones.

    But all better now and working on the t-bird when I left off I need to get the exhuast welded up in place, got that done friday, now working on shift collor old one was wore out so replaced it yesterday.

    Has anyone tried one of these kits?

    For disc brakes, read some of the other posted. Once the brakes are done it ready for the body work and paint.

    One last thing any sq-bird people in Tenn just bought a house there and will be retiring there next year.

    That's all for now.


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    Hey Dennis,
    Glad your getting better and hope everything works out
    Richard D. Hord


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      Welcome back, Tully. I see you are posting with no problem. Great! It's also great to hear you're able to resume your restoration.

      This seems to be the general thought about painting a car:
      Originally posted by tully View Post
      ...Once the brakes are done it ready for the body work and paint...
      It kinda strikes me funny because when our cars were painted they came straight from the Body Shop as bare steel. It is far easier to paint when nothing is in the way and nothing needs to be masked.

      I kinda went through this with Ray Clark. He did his trim before paint and ended up pulling parts of his new headliner off, just to remove some of his outside chrome. Same story with his trunk. He trimmed it, then pulled it all out to paint. I guess his idea was, he didn't want air hoses messing up the paint. In the assembly plants, all the trim is assembled after the body is painted. The cars come out looking beautiful because they simply cover the paint while they are in-process. - Dave
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        Tull also welcome back and glad to hear all turned out well.
        Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
        Thunderbird Registry
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        60 HT (Sold )