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  • Fords in the Twilight Zone

    I've been working through the episodes of the original Twilight Zone (I know, get a life!) There's only 153 of them after all and they offer a fascinating view of late 50s and early 60s America. Anyway, the producers must have had some sort of arrangement with the Ford Motor Company because Fords and Lincolns feature pretty much throughout. I've seen a few Square birds but they are mostly Falcons, Galaxies etc. One episode featured a 62 Bullet bird complete with cow horns on the grille. If there's a police car in the episode you can guarantee it will be a Ford.


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    That used to be a major way for car companies to advertise their products.

    If you are a Perry Mason fan, you will see mostly BIRDS and LINCS. Leave It To Beaver was supplied by FORD and CHRYSLER (they bid by year on supplying the cars).

    My favorite (Highway Patrol) used both PLYM/DODGE and MERC. I love to watch old TV (well, it is really not old for me).