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Redhead steering gear box

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  • DKheld
    Hate to hear the replacement steering box was a bust. Sounds like there is more than a money reason for them not belonging to the BBB. Thanks for the heads up on them.

    Good thing though is that it sounds like you have a plan so you'll move forward and (hopefully) not have to deal with these folks again.

    Maybe you could dispute the charges on your credit card? Usually the credit card company's don't pay the bill until the dispute is settled. Make them answer the dispute in writing - snail mail - so that it will take longer and maybe they will give up (and you'll have a written record of their excuses).

    Good luck,

    PS - I actually did have a dealer wreck my van when they were test driving it - so it could be worse.

    In the process of fixing the van they dropped a valve cover bolt in the motor and "forgot' it was there. Started the motor and blew it up. Then mice got in the interior and pulled all the stuffing out of one of the seats. Chevrolet wound up having to buy that one back - it only had 4K miles on it.

    Funny part (or not so funny) was I just wanted to break even on the deal and get my money back. The folks at Chevrolet said " we can't give you that much for the van because we gave you too much for your trade-in". I laughed and said I was sorry I was a better salesman than their trained pro's. Then I asked them if they knew the whole story and why they were having to buy the van back. They didn't believe me and called the dealer. Next day they called me and said I could pick up the check at the local dealership for the full amount.

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    Guest started a topic Redhead steering gear box

    Redhead steering gear box

    Had power steering acting up on 2000 F-250. Done some research on line and four out of five web sites said Fords steering gear boxes around that year, give our take a few, are junk! They recommended Redhead steering gear boxes out of Seattle, Washington! So I count the spline teeth as advised online and give them a call. Sure we have that and can have it to you in about three days! Gave credit card number and waited. This was on Friday and the following Monday it was here Awesome! I had scheduled our Ford garage to do the install and also change out power steering pump. So I take truck to Ford and they tell me half day job, so I decide to wait. Mechanic installs both before lunch and is backing her out of garage bay. He's gone for about fifteen minutes. Service manager comes over and has this bad look on his face, I figured the mechanic had wrecked my truck! He says we got problems. Mechanic is on road behind shop and something in gear box popped and he has no steering. We have called for a roll back to come get her. As soon as I got home I called Redhead steering gear box and told them what had happened. He said he would get one out should be there in three or four days I told him this was not going to work and that I would have service manager to order one from Ford. He later called me back and told me they could have me one next day air. I told him to call Ford and get it lined out and let me know. Several hours went by and no word. He finally calls and ask for the address. I told him he would have to call Ford and get that information, I was twenty-two miles away. Then I got concerned and called Ford. They had left for the day. I called Redhead and he said it had not yet shipped out. Mean while I got on-line to check what they had charged my credit card, $418.00, gear box, $100.00 core charge and $30.00 shipping. Then they had charged me $200.00 for something else! I called them back. Ask him what the $200.00 was for. He said that's the core charge for me returning their unit I went off! I then asked him was they a member of BBB and he said no that cost money and they did not see it to be necessary. I also asked him had they had any problems before and to be honest! No problems! Then he got me off the phone as quick as possible. Then the owner calls and tells me to send him back his part and they would call it even! I got off phone and thought about it. Once they have the bad part in hand I have not got a leg to stand on. They are going to say it was Fords fault! I called owner back and asked what about the extra labor? He said once they determine that the part was faulty, they would look at refund part of my labor cost! This truck is my life. I have three jobs and two of them depend on me and the tools my truck is carrying! This has cost me not half a day but TWO! Think twice before buying from these people!!!
    Richard D. Hord