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Danielle Enberg Kidney Fund & Jed Zimmerman

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    Danielle Enberg Kidney Fund & Jed Zimmerman

    Folks, I had emailed the following mass email letter to Ray Clark and Dave Dare. They have encouraged me to post this in the Anything Goes forum.

    Folks, A young lady I know needs a kidney transplant. 5 of us guys at our church have a Men’s Bible Study weekly group. We have organized a charitable benefit for Danielle Enberg called the Danielle Enberg Kidney Fund. This really has been quite an involved process because none of us had ever set out to organize a benefit before. So we’re always asking for help wherever and however we can.

    Danielle is a member of our church. She’s 22 years old. She lives in Monticello, MN, is a fulltime 4.0GPA student in St. Cloud, a dance instructor in Annandale and is a member of our church in Silver Creek where she is our choir director. She was also Miss Wright County/Minnesota 2012. She is a very talented and beautiful young woman.

    Danielle had childhood cancer when she was 1 year old and it took both of her kidneys and nearly her life. Her father was her donor when she was age 4. She has successfully persevered thru 18 years in dealing with her medical conditions. Transplant kidneys aren't supposed to last more than 15 years. Hers is now failing and she will need a transplant in the next 2 years. You can read her full story on a page link at her webpage or read the full article in the Clearwater Tribune at

    Our Men’s Group has also published a webpage at You’ll find a Facebook link on this page and you will also find a Paypal donate link there too. Otherwise anybody wishing to donate can go to any Wells Fargo Bank in the world and ask to donate to the Danielle Enberg Kidney Fund.

    One June 2, 2012 from 4-8pm there will be a benefit spaghetti dinner at the Clearwater Legion Club in Clearwater, MN. Featured there will be a Silent Auction of donated items from local businesses, vendors and services. Local author and speaker, Connie Lounsbury will be speaking from 6-630pm,

    From 4:30-6pm local musicians, John Kurkosky and his band, will be performing a wide selection of country, folk, gospel and ballads. John is famous for his fishin’ songs. You can find him at or search for him by name on YouTube. John has produced a CD album for Danielle’s Benefit titled “Make a Difference”. Just recently John’s grandson, Stephen, produced a YouTube “Make a Difference” video set to John’s song “In the Silence” which can be found at

    I write this email letter to thousands of my friends, family, clients and many Thunderbird collector car enthusiasts, the world over, on Thunderbird Yahoo Groups and the forum. Some of you may have received more than one copy of this email as I have put together 1500 names from multiple lists. I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Danielle and ask that you give what your heart can afford. The Danielle Enberg Kidney Fund has been organized as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, so all your giving may be tax deductible. Donations may be done either using or by visiting any Wells Fargo Bank.

    Thank You So Very Much & God Bless Danielle,

    Jed Zimmerman
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  • DKheld
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    My brother-in-laws wife is in her 13th year of a kidney donation / transplant so I am really familiar with the situation. I hope my small donation will somehow help. I think you 5 are super great for organizing the benefit - what a blessing. I'll surely include Danielle and the benefit on our prayer list at church.

    Good luck,


    • Dan Leavens
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      Jed Marg and I will also have Danielle in our thoughts and prayers.

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