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  • simplyconnected
    • May 26 2009
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    Happy EASTER & Happy PASSOVER

    For all my Christian brothers and sisters, Happy Easter. This is the big one in our religion, the grandaddy of all events, when Christ died and arose from the grave after three days, as God's fulfillment of his prophecies and His promise that we all can defeat death too.

    And for all my Jewish friends and relatives, Happy Passover. This is the big one for them as well. It marks the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt, and celebrated with The Passover Seder. Jews worldwide will retell Moses's story from the book of Exodus, to all friends and relatives. The Passover Seder includes special blessings and rituals, commentaries from the Talmud, and special Passover songs.

    Always keep your faith because with God, ALL things are possible. - Dave
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  • Guest

    Happy Easter ...

    to you too Dave, and all the other folks here. Heading back home to CO Wednesday. Really excited about getting the Bird out for some low flying. Mike


    • SandyBoy
      • Oct 31 2002
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      Dave, as a Jewish person, I was more or less blowen away by your fabulous explanation of Passover. It might have been better than I could do !
      I wish you a heartfelt holliday with loving family, surrounded with love.
      I am also thinking of Alexander, today. He was very fond of the Jewish people and their gifts thru humanity to the medical profession.

      On a different topic....

      I am still fighting Cancer. It's my 5th year, & I am still here. I get better, and then I slide backward. Righ now, I am having a very rough time, as Doctor changed my meds and they are making all 10 fingers bleed, daily, with great great pain. I am typing this with the ONE finger that does not bleed around the fingernail. I hope this ends, as I cannot drive my car(s). and I cannot stand the horrible pain inside my fingers.

      Happy Easter & Happy Passover to all ~ ~ SANDY BLOCK
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