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  • Can Your Tbird Do This?

    From Penelope....

    At first I thought this guy was crazy...then I realized he's a good driver (but still crazy)!!! FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS AND SEND HOME FOR NEW TIRES!!!! One unbelievable driver

    Click below:~-

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    He is a very distant relitive of mine. I am Sanford Block, and he is Kennith Block. I have never met him. He drives for Ford. Thought to be one of, if not the best stunt drivers in the world. as well as a serious racer!
    I had another Cousin who was FEMALE and was a high speed & endurance driver for Chrysler Corporation in the 1956 time period when Chrysler was introducing the SPORT FURY into racing. Her husband got a new Imperial LeBaron every year, in the 1960s. My parents were not into cars...but I am !! My folks were both lawyers and bought Imperials, but not every year, usually keeping the car for 3 years. (That woulda been Dad's)
    car. My Mom always drove a Sport Fury Convertible with the "Golden Comanado V-8 (2 steps down from the "Hemi".
    I know Ken Block is religous. Every car he races and/or tests has a large yellow Star of David (Jewish Star) on the driver's rear side window, but I do not know where he lives and/or makes his primary home.
    I have owned 4 Imperials, 1968; 1972, 1975, and a 1982 - but I am NO racer - far from it !!!
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      I've seen this before. Ray forgot to mention something, that popping is not the little Ford missing. He's hitting the rev limiters!
      Richard D. Hord


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        And that little car is build in Sweden!
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          Anders, what kind of car, is that little car ? I thought MABE a English Ford Escort, or Fiesta ??


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            He's a wild driver for sure....... The crazy one is the dummass on the segway

            lol great stuff


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              Ford Fiesta. They also build for Pikes Peak
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                I thought that looked familiar - just like rush hour traffic in Charlotte !!!!

                That needs to be the next "ride" at Disney World.

                He tags the wall screaming into the track at minute 1.26 (notice the new black mark he leaves) - not that I could do any better - I'd probably leave a continuous black mark on the wall and other white undergarments --- heh heh.




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                  Just watched the video all I can say is WOW Anders didn't Ford make a mid engine in Europe an RS220 ( or something like that ) that had over 600 horsepower and did 0-60 in 2.8 seconds??
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                    Originally posted by Dan Leavens View Post
                    Just watched the video all I can say is WOW Anders didn't Ford make a mid engine in Europe an RS220 ( or something like that ) that had over 600 horsepower and did 0-60 in 2.8 seconds??
                    Yes, They did a Ford RS 200. It was possible to have it street legal in Europe. I have read somewhere that it was never possible to have it legal in US.
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                      Neither can my American Fiesta.

                      The four wheel drifts in the dirt at somewhere around 12 or 13,000 ft with a loooooonnnnnnng drop off the edge of the road must be a real rush! Understatement at the least!!
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                        Man that looks like a load of fun, assuming you've got the $$ for the tires.
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