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as the phrase goes..."trust, but verify."

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  • Dakota Boy
    • Jun 30 2009
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    as the phrase goes..."trust, but verify."

    Ever since I got my car almost three years ago, it has always seemed to be geared very low. The previous owner thought it had 4.10 gears.

    Well, I pulled out the punkin yesterday, and counted the teeth on the ring. 34. I counted the teeth on the pinion. 7. Counted them again. Counted them a third time.

    Holy smokes, I've been driving around with 4.86's !!!

    A few minutes ago, I ordered a 3.50 set from Motive. I know a dirt-track racer who's buddy will swap it out for 50 bucks.
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    Daaaam. That real bad for gas mileage


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      3:50's ...

      I think you will really like the change. Might not break your neck when you stomp on the loud pedal, but will be so much nicer on the Sunday cruise and still have plenty of get up and go. Mike