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    That white merc Capri 'vert back a few posts....that side moulding is a
    not original, as they were painted to martch the car, and only black.... on a black car.


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      Everyone has different reasons for owning/enjoying their classic. Some people don't have the ability to do their own work and pay to relive the past while others do it as a hobby or in my case a way to relax at the end of the day. I can appreciate the money involved having done a number of restos myself including concours winning cars but I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor and share my joy with others, so I drive them on those nice days in So-Cal. Now I don't own any 1 of 1 vehicles but I would likely drive them too just less.


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        Because of the way that these cars were made, a side impact or
        getting hit in the rear bumper, causing the rear 1/4 side panels
        to "bow" or be wrecked, the car is a total.

        Remember, the car began as a LX V-8 2-Door pillar Coupe. A custom made machine made BY ascMcLaren to laser off the roof, indentically for all seven years. After the final car was built (mine !) that machine
        was crushed and sold for scrap metal.


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          sounds like a heavy burden would be lifted if you sold that rare car


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            You are probably correct - but I just love the thing so
            much, I just cannot sell it.


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              Well, kinda back to my comment with a twist...

              Instead of endowing it to the Mclaren Museum, donate it now and become a bit of Posterity yourself. AND maybe get a big tax write off.

              Just a thought.
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