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  • What Would You Do ???

    You have a 19?? Thunderbird. Allthough the car is in showroom 100-percent purr-fect, a multi award winning, 100-percent showroom, all stock, as the day it was delivered to the ordering dealership, ...BUT, it is a 1968, with exactly 3,077 miles on it.....what would you do?
    Seldom take it out
    Never take it out
    Use it on Sunday Morning April - October
    Drive it weekly
    Drive it daily

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    I would drive it weekly to enjoy it , and let others appreciate what gems are left around unless it was raining...then she stays in the shed!
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      Take her to car shows (only if weather permitting) Keep her under lock and key, covered and in a climate controlled environment!
      Richard D. Hord


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        That's a tuff one sandy. Temtations. I had one 429. That would have to see the AC expressway once.


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          Okay, now... the why of my question

          I own two final-year 1990 asc / McLarens (based upon 1990 Mustangss).
          My Silver Pearl 2-Seat Roadster built upon a 1990 Mustang LX 2-Dr. Sedan
          is 1 of 2 made to commorate 25 years of Mustangs. She is ONE OF TWO MADE !!

          I also own another ssuch car, in Azura Blue Pearl
          Both cars have every available option

          The Silver Pearl car is 1 of just 2 made as 25th Anniversary Editon and is so adorned with plaques.
          The Azura Blue car is the FINAL asc/McLaren made !! The Last Example.

          Because of this - I am scared to death to put them on the road. Here, In N.J. people drive like "Oh, it's just a car" mindset. Therefore....
          The Silver Pearl car has 8,000 miles in 21 years & the Azura Blue car has 2,300 miles in 21 years.

          If hit (as in accident) they really cannot be fixed, as special machines were designed to cut off the roofs of the Coupes. Now, out of business, the machines were crushed for scrap!!

          People poke fun of me 'cause I seldem drive them, and yhey do not understand that I do not wanna lose them.

          SOooo I asked that question herein, as I know that your 'Birds are very dear to you -- but you guys can get parts ~ ~ I cannot....


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            Wait a minute, Sanford... You may have two pieces that are unique, but you aren't alone. Plenty of other folks can say the same. Let me ask YOU a question:

            Are your unique pieces more of a worrysome burden or does ownership truly bring you pleasure?

            I love the commercial where this vintage Mustang pulls up to a bangin' evening party, a pair of legs gets out of the driver's door, and all of a sudden you see a screwdriver piercing into the Mustang's sidewall. The owner wasn't afraid to drive to the party, but that was the end of the line for that night regardless of who has the keys. It's bittersweet but that's your delemna; if driving to the party is too much, you might as well stay home and enjoy polishing it again. - Dave
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            "We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?"
            --Lee Iacocca

            From: Royal Oak, Michigan


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              I'd drive that T-bird when I could but there'd only be about 10,000 on it when i got done. Gota ask Where is it and how much.........Bill


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                you only live once

                drive those dang cars!

                (but not in the rain, snow or salt)

                Maybe if you cashed in a few of those super-rare collector cars, then you could have a whole batch of cars that you wouldnt be so nervous to take out on the road.


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                  Everbody is different ...

                  I have several very nice vehicles (at least from my perspective). They aren't very original because I build them to drive them and drive them hard, but that's me. What do you do? Do what "you" want. Ford built them to be driven. Mike


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                    If I own it and it goes?

                    I drive it.

                    Sure, a mint paint-job, clean unblemished interior and unworn tyres are great, I wish that described MY T-bird.!!

                    But if it was TOO good I may not be so keen to drive it everywhere as I do at the moment. (Taken our 'bird down dirt roads, over mountain passes etc.)
                    A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.


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                      Boy, the replies surprised me! I woulda thought there would be more "Garage-Queens" herein ! For these asc/McLarens, owners cannot obtain quarter panels, trunk lids, nor doors. Why? Because they were custom made by ASC ~ and none are left and none will be made.
                      Here in N.J. almost all drivers tailgate, and there are more rear end accidents than any others. No rear end parts "used" nor new are out there....
                      When I DO drive them, it's usually on a Sunday AM around 7 AM,
                      just for "exercise". (and) STILL I am all up tight).


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                        Well, I drive em all when I get the chance, if I can't drive it, beat on it and therefore enjoy it, why bother owning it....

                        I can appreciate the rarity of a car like that, but I wouldn't want to own it. I have seen friends get a nice car, start fixing this, that, etc... till they own a 70k dollar car, which they now are afraid to drive, enjoy or leave anywhere.

                        So, I am fully enjoying our driver quality cars.



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                          Soooo Sandy, I guess this is NOT yours parked at the mall in the rain?


                          Tuff call here. Due to their extreme uniqueness, the question of "stewardship" for those pieces of automotive history comes into play. But to ensure that they would be really appreciated by posterity then they would need to be endowed to The McLaren Museum.

                          Another scenario could be that they someday end up in the hands of your "Jersey Girl" niece from Bayonne and she does a quick search on ebay and comes up with this:

                          "WOW", she thinks, "If I put dis ting on Craig's List for $6,000 I may get that instead of just the 5K."

                          So now they are lost to posterity AND you have not had the joy of driving them when you were around.

                          Like I said, Tuff call - I don't know what I would do. ??????

                          BTW - not really crackin' on Bayonne. I had a good buddy in Nam from Bayonne. Nino's dad owned the largest junkyard in Bayonne so anytime I think of NJ I think of him.
                          Jimz Greenie with a White Hat and Brown Guts (ZE-XG)

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                            That Azura Blue Pearl qbove is exactly like mine- - but it is a 1988, as can be told by the wheels. Mine is a 1990, the final year AND it is the Final Car Made. Mine has 2,322 miles. The pictured car has a repracement fRoof, that can be told by the fact that the two small convertible roof windows are too large. The otiginals are about 15 percent smaller.

                            Last edited by SandyBoy; February 21st, 2012, 08:28 PM.


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                              For me, Iīs easy. Drive it. Or sell it. This is one of the reasons I donīt want to restore Ruth to a "every bolt and washer-right" condition. I have seen too many people getting nervous if it rains, someone comes to close and all that. I have a Hobby car because I want a hobbycar. Not a nervous breakdown.
                              If I could afford a 1,5 million dollar Chip Foose one off car, I would drive it. I mean, THAT would be COOL!
                              sigpic..."Lil darling Ruth"