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  • Its not a Squarebird or Ford

    Hey Guys,
    Check this out!
    56 Chevy Suburban
    The owner was informed that this is the only one in existence. It was originally one of only two concept cars
    designed by the famous pioneering, industrial designer Harley Earl (GM automotive designer and VP @ GM.
    he designed the Corvette among many other notable cars). The second, other Suburban was destroyed.
    This remaining one was meticulously restored to it's original condition. There is no customizing, no grafting
    of parts from other cars...this is the way Earl designed it! The dash got some upgrades in instrumentation
    and steering wheel, but the dash is basically the way it was made in 1956. The combination of the step-side
    quarter panels and the Nomad tailgate is stunning. The color combination is wonderful. The current owner
    was a long time executive at GM and after years of wheeling and dealing, finally got the car....along with
    original plans, drawings, sketches and notes from Harley Earl. Talk about a treasure and a historic find....
    Wow! I thought I would share this with you. Awesome!
    Richard D. Hord
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    What was the very similiar vehicle that I believe was called the CAMEO ?


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      That looks nice - even if it is a Chevy.

      Must be the only one left that was "Earled". Found a few more 56's out there but slight differences. Wonder if Earl did the suspension mods or the new owner? Bet is has front discs. Too bad we can see what makes it go. Looks like a modern steering column too but still very nice.

      More orignal looking