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In Need Of Prayer....

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  • YellowRose
    In Need Of Prayer....

    I am in contact with Bob, but have heard nothing further from him regarding this. I am sure that when he has something else to tell me I will hear from him. Let's keep lifting them up in prayer...

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  • SandyBoy
    Any word?

    Are any on here, in touch with Bob or the family?
    We would sure like to hear some great news. Ray?
    I will pray for him.

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  • Dan Leavens
    Bob to you, Marti and the girls our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Through God anything is possible! Prayers being sent your way Bob.

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  • simplyconnected
    Bob, I know this is a difficult time. My faith has helped me through many hard times in the past. Marti and your family will now be in our prayers.

    Keep your faith, courage, and never give up hope because with God, all things are possible. - Dave Dare

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  • SandyBoy
    I will gladly add her to my prayers, for myself.
    I too am battling Cancer. First in the Colon,
    then the liver and now in the bladder. Alex died
    from Cancer, and i'd bet 30+ more members,
    herein have lost parents, siblings, mates and
    even offspring. Some beat it ~ I have met some who
    have. If there were a way to do a count, I would bet
    that more than 300 thousand Americams are fighting
    it, as I type this. The Chemo that I am now on...
    well, it does horrid thng to you.

    'Ya want tips on how to greatly lessen the odds?

    Quit Smoking, today
    Avoid hard booze, but some wine is fine, in moderation.
    Avoid chemicals, or avoid breathing near them
    Consume as few as possible prepaired foods
    that you heat & eat.
    Avoid meats packed in cans
    Buy and eat Kosher meat. It has no extenders, no
    food coloring, no by-products, no food coloring, etc...
    (Who needs any of that stuff?)
    Use a good sun blocker in the Summer.
    Go for 3 chekck ups a year.
    Bou soda pop in glass or aluminum. Try to avoid
    plastic bottles.
    If you like hot dogs, Salami and / or similiar
    prosessed "deli" ,eats, always buy Kosher.

    This will greatly cut down one's risk.


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  • YellowRose
    started a topic In Need Of Prayer....

    In Need Of Prayer....

    As many of you know, I am in email contact with a lot of our membership off the Forum. One of them is Bob May ~ Bob M to us on the Forum, one of our long term members. Bob is one of our Moderators but has not been active much on the Forum for some time and has recently told me why and is allowing me to tell you this. Recently, Bob told me that his wife of many years, Marti, is battling lung cancer and he has been doing all he can to support her. This has taken him away from the Forum. I have a very good idea of what he is going through, having gone through the battle against ovarian cancer with my wife Faye, who I lost 14 years ago on the 12th of January. For those of you who are inclined to do so, please add Bob, Marti and family to your prayers. Bob has said that it is okay to post his email address here in case you want to email him. It is Here is what Bob has said.

    "Yes we will accept all the prayers we can get. Marti is a very strong person and is fighting every day. The Chemo has stopped as it is not doing any good. The cancer is still growing. We have Husparus at our house helping 3 time a week. I am very blessed that I have a great wife and 4 wonderful girls that have set up schedules where one of them is here every hour of the day and night so that there is always two of us here at all times. Marti and I believe that we were sent to earth to do something and when we have completed that task we will go to heaven. Thank you for all the prayers you can get us.
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