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Canadian Thanksgiving...

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Canadian Thanksgiving...

    To all our Canadian members, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving today.

    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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    Richard D. Hord


    • SandyBoy
      • Oct 31 2002
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      ...and a happy Columbus Day and likewise a joyful Yom Kippur, if you are Jewish.


      • Dan Leavens
        Moderator / Administrator

        • Oct 4 2006
        • 6395

        Ray thanks for the Thanksgiving thread...
        We will certainly be all " turkeyed out " by tomorrow..
        SandyBoy Yom Kippur to you as well..
        Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
        Thunderbird Registry
        58HT #33317
        60 HT (Sold )


        • SandyBoy
          • Oct 31 2002
          • 836

          I don't like holidays, nor HOLYdays...
          ALL of my extended family is long gone,
          likewise, the same for my wife, Karen.
          We have one offspring, our son, who is age 27.
          While he lives home, with us, he only sleeps
          here, otherwise he is at work (he is a CPA) ~ or
          in Law School at night. He leaves at 8:45 AM
          and arrives home at around 11 PM.
          He ias not religious, and really does not like
          any holidays. Saturdays & Sundays he spends
          at his girlfiend's apartment in NYC - so we hardly
          ever see him.

          I too do not like hoidays. I recall when our extended
          family members were all alive. I think about my Mom &
          Dad, grandparents, etc, and I get sad. I am kinda with
          Matt (our son) with holidays. What was fun when uou are
          young, turns sour when you are in your 60s.