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Alexander's Rules Of Conduct

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Alexander's Rules Of Conduct

    First of all, I want to let you know that our Webmaster, skyd has suffered a disastrous loss of data on both his laptop and his PC due to a dastardly virus. He is in the process of rebuilding both. It is a reminder to keep our PC's backed up on a regular basis. If you want to know how to better protect your PC, PM me and I will tell you what I do. Now, since skyd cannot post this and what is said below, I am going to do it in his stead..

    Recently, we have had several instances of postings that included foul language, and content of a nature that violated the Rules Of Conduct established by Alexander when he first created this Forum. After discussions with our Webmaster, and Administrators/Moderators privately, it was determined that something had to be done and said regarding this. As a result, these posts were either modified or deleted by Administrators or Moderators in accordance with Alexander's instructions.

    Driller has informed us that he knows that it was Alexander's intent to keep this a G Rated Forum, free of foul language, or suggestive content... I would like to remind you that his Forum is sometimes visited by his sister Marianne and his nieces. In fact, Kate has been on the Forum twice in the last week or so. A young pre-teen does not need to see or read some of the things that were recently posted. Nor do our female members, of which there are a number, and who log on from time to time. We have already had a few members state that if these types of posts continue, they will no longer visit our Forum. We certainly do not want that to happen.

    So when you post, please remember that this Forum does not just consist of a bunch of guys, but also young girls, and women, Tbird owners. Please post according to Alexander's Rules Of Conduct as stated by him at the top of this Forum... Thank you.

    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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  • Dan Leavens
    Moderator / Administrator

    • Oct 4 2006
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    Ray very well written and I agree totally. Just to add my two (2) cents worth to Ray's thread. We still want and need all of the members / guests, actively contribute to threads and posts, as they do now. This is why this is one of the most popular sites our there with so many members.
    Believe me I know, as I am on many and they don't " hold a candle " to this one and in some cases no longer exist.
    All of you have a very unique interest, in helping out fellow birders and are also very knowledegable with these birds. It is just that we must have and maintain the " guidelines" that Alexander and the other founders first set out otherwise we lose control. Perhaps think out the wording before hitting the submit button and whether or not another way of saying it is better. Once again, thanks for all your support to our site, as it truly is an INTERNATIONAL one.

    Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
    Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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