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    Account validated at Squarebirds, Rocketbirds, and Fifties/Sixties Ford Discussion Forum

    For those applying for membership, an email was sent to each of you with the subject as above, to the email address you supplied us. You should have received that email. If you did not, I would suggest that new users check their SPAM or Delete folders because the above message has been known to show up as spam.

    When you create your user id, go to Edit Options and go down to Additional Information. There you must enter the city, state, or country you are located in. This will let other members know what part of the world you are in. This is now a required entry. You must also indicate which year and model Tbird you own. This is also now a required entries. This is helpful to our members in helping you with problems you might have with your Tbird.

    A problem is occurring regarding reception of email from or my email addresses. Before you create a user id to become a member make sure you have my and my defined in your email client as acceptable email addresses to receive email from. Otherwise, any assistance I can give you is probably going into your Spam or Delete folders without you knowing it.. Look in these folders or others for email from the system, or myself.
    If you do not find it there, contact me according to the information below.

    On occasion, when applying for membership, you might receive an automated email from our system stating that your email address is banned. This generally applies to certain overseas countries who we have received email from that spammed or hacked us. As a result, the system places that country on the banned list. It does not necessarily mean that YOUR personal email address has been banned, but that email from that country has been banned... If you receive such a message, and would like to be a member of our Forum, go to or, or some other free webmail provider, and create a new user id. Use that email address to apply for membership...

    With the approval of your user id, you should be able to post in any authorized forum, view pictures and graphics and communicate through the forums with other members. You can also PM each other. For those of you who would like to financially support the forum you can do so by becoming a paid member for $20 a year. Do NOT direct anything in the way of paid membership payments to Alexander Sosiak's mailing address. Alexander passed away in March, 2008. Direct any inquiries regarding paid membership problems to John Peters, known as "driller" to us here, (you can PM him also) at the mail address below, or to this email address:

    A number of our members either do not know, or have not done this.. Here is how you can be alerted to incoming Private Messages or PM's.

    Go to User CP in the black border above. Click on it. It will bring up YOUR user id. Click on Edit Options. It will allow you to change your options in your User ID. Go down to this...

    Private Messaging This forum features a private messaging system, which allows members to send messages to one another privately.

    If you do not want to send or receive private messages, you may disable the private messaging system. If you want to send and receive PM's I WOULD put a check mark in Enable Private Messaging

    You may limit the receipt of private messages to just moderators and those on your buddy list. Other members who attempt to send messages to you will be told that you have disabled private messaging. I would NOT put a check mark in Receive Private Messages only from Buddies and Moderators

    The forum can send a message to your email address to inform you when someone sends you a private message. I WOULD put a check mark in Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages

    If you are browsing the forums when you receive a new private message, the system can pop-up a notification box informing you of the new message. I WOULD put a check mark in Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up

    I would suggest that you do put a check mark in Enable Private Messaging so that you will know when someone is trying to get in contact with you. I would NOT put a check mark in Receive Private Messages only from Buddies and Moderators. That will limit you to who you can receive PM's from. I DO have a check mark in Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages. This way, I get an email every time one of you sends me a PM. I am able to read the PM in email instead of having to go to the Forum and check my PM's. Finally, I DO have a check mark in Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up. When I am on the Forum, and one of you PM's me, a little pop-up box shows up telling me I have a PM from one of you.

    These are all handy things that I use to help me utilize this Forum better. You might want to change your settings for these also. Or maybe not. It is your choice!

    Thanks for your support of this site!

    Should anyone have problems or questions, please DO NOT post here. You can PM me or email me at
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    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
    The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
    Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411