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  • Special Squarebirds Service Award

    It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that by action of the Administrators and Moderators of this Forum that Alexander Sosiak (may he rest in peace) and Sandy Block have been awarded a Special Squarebirds Service Award. This action was taken recently, in conjunction with the new Service Award presented to Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, to honor them as Co-Founders of A trophy was created by me and shipped to Sandy, who received it this afternoon. Thank you to those who have helped to defray the cost of the award. It is much appreciated.

    I would like to thank Marco ~ Dutchbird for suggesting we honor our Co-Founders. It was Marco who created the Service Award for us. In discussing this with our Administrators and Moderators, Sandy was left off the mailing list so that this would be a complete surprise to him, and it was. I was on the phone with him as he unwrapped it to find out what it was. He was speechless, he said, which is surprising for Sandy! Many of you have probably heard the story of how Alexander built this Forum with Sandy's help and how Sandy built his Forum with Alexander's help. They kept feeding each other questions to ask on their respective Forums, along with the answers if they were not known to the other. Soon, people started finding them and joining them, and today you see where that has taken us to.

    I would like to thank Marco van Strien ~ Dutchbird for suggesting we honor our Co-Founders. It was Marco who created the Service Award for us. I found the matching '58 Squarebird on eBay in England and bought it! I could not find one in this country.

    Sandy is going to display it in a prominent location. He can no longer say that he does not own a Thunderbird, because now he does! Congratulations! Here is what the trophy looks like.
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    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
    The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
    Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411

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    Again, thank everyone, Marco, What can I say? From my heart, heatfelt thanks !!


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      i think this is a well deserved award.
      And from someone who is fairly new to this forum THANK YOU for having the knowledge and determination to see through the setting up of this great website



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        Richard, I can take NO credit for the above values that you mentioned.
        All of those credits that you kindly mentioned, were done & brought to the table, when he enlisted me to come on board and beging "talking" (posting). I was not "into" Thunderbirds, any more than any other brand. I explained that to Alexander, but he & I had been friends for some time.
        As I have explained, after the site was "up" ~ there was NO traffic! Nada...Zip...Nothing. I, Sandy had just made MY site, on the cars that I am "all about" (the ascMcLaren version of the Mercury Capri(s) and Ford Mustang(s) of 1984-1990, and like my good friend, Alexander Sosiak - I had NO traffic. SOooo, Alexander would e-mail ME questions to post to his web site (THIS) (which I did) and I would e-mail questions / comments pertaining to the ascMcLarens to Alexander to post on MY infant site.
        Little by little it grew. I believe that both sites have now won awards !
        But, the idea, design, initial knowledge that went into the infant stage of this site, Square-Birds was 100% Alexander's baby.

        The funny part was that I was asking questions that I knew nothing about and in some cases, I did'nt even understand Alexander's REPLY to "my" Questions and I KNOW that he had NO CLUE what an ascMcLaren Merc Capri was!
        Alexander's demse, at such a young age ShOoK me to the bone. I spoke with him - as he laid in his hospital bed, and he could barely speak, and he passed the following day, leaving a beautiful wife behind. Now, I am battling Cancer as well.
        We have different types and I am doing very well. This week concludes my 3rd year of CHEMO. Sadly Alexander's was extremely aggressive. In case you don't know, Alexander was a Doctor ! None of us are safe from this horrible illness.
        I am glad you have joined us ! ~ Sanford "SANDY" Block
        New Jersey PS/ if you'd like to view the site I started, click here:
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          Great idea, I just noticed this thread now and fully underwrite the service award, very nice idea from Marco.
          I would indeed say that this is one of the nicest and most friendly websites on the net and of course very helpful, a solution to every problem. A hobby brings people together.


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            A slightly delayed "WELCOME" to you.