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Rules of conduct version 2.0

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  • Alexander
    • Oct 30 2002
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    Rules of conduct version 2.0

    Guidelines for Squarebirds Message Board:

    Welcome to the Squarebirds Message Board. We hope you enjoy your stay, make some new friends, and perhaps find out some details and fixes for what we think is the first modern personal luxury automobile certainly one of the most interesting ones.

    The Squarebirds Message Board was set up to foster a friendly group of Squarebird owners in sharing their technical expertise and experiences, and to provide a place for social interaction between members of this select group of automotive enthusiasts. We need to keep this focus. People should come here to share some pointers, experiences, historical facts, ask some questions, etc

    This forum IS NOT designed for people to come in here and pick fights with each other. Nor is it designed to encourage totally non-automotive banter about issues that some might consider offensive in nature. Most web-access providers allow usage of e-mail through the ISP, so we expect truly personal qualms to be settled in private. We would ask those mature members of our group not to take sides or contribute to any flames occurring in the forums. Anyone posting private communications from others on the message board will be subject to a suspension or ban. Further, users are NOT permitted to use the Inbox function of the message board to send inappropriate messages to other users. If the moderators receive a complaint regarding this, the sender's account may be suspended or banned.

    We must ask that EVERY member use his or her e-mail address and full name when registering on the board. If you do not ... your user name WILL be blocked from being able to make post! Registration is required on this board for posting, and it carries many other benefits, such as keeping track of what messages have been read, and giving other members the ability to contact you through the board. The Squarebirds site owners will NEVER sell the membership's email addresses, although if you choose to protect your 'real' email address, you may use a 'free mail' account, such as Hotmail. Should your email account change, you MUST change the email on record, if an email address is found to be invalid, your account may be deleted or suspended until you update your account information with a working email account. Also, users have the ability to block others from seeing their email addresses, so you should have no concern that your privacy will be compromised by registering on the board.

    Every registered user is encouraged to create a profile, so that other members can find out any information about you that you would like to share. If you want to list any modifications to your vehicle, please use the profile, NOT the signature in every posting, for this. Any signatures on posts with a 'grocery list' of modifications will be deleted by the moderators. Signatures may contain year, make, model designation (Hardtop, Convertible or Golde Top {Sunroof}) and interior/exterior color combo. Any information beyond this may be deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

    If photos are used in signatures, they must total no more than 30 kilobytes, and not be any larger than 240 X 240 pixels, or the area equivalent. Signature photos should be changed no more than ONCE every 30 days. Failure to follow these standards may result in editing or removal of posts or suspension of an account, preventing any further posts. If you need assistance getting your photos to an acceptable size, please contact one of the moderators. Avatar images may be changed as often as you wish, as long as they conform to a maximum of 48 X 48 pixels, and a maximum file size of 4 kilobytes.

    We know there are many respectful message board users out there, so please be considerate when posting. Flames, insults, threats, mockery, personal bickering, whining, and foul language are most unwelcome, and will be dealt with accordingly, either by suspending the account, or in some cases, banning the user completely. We do not have time to deal with such immaturity. Messages that the moderators do not feel are appropriate will be deleted with no explanation. It is their duty to keep things on the message board peaceful, and there will be times that their intervention will help to keep the peace.

    Cross-posting the same thread or 'advertising' a post in other threads is frowned upon, and these cross-posts will be deleted with no notification. Continued cross-posting will result in a suspension or ban from the message board.

    Posts of a technical nature are encouraged, but any claims for or against a product should be supported by FACTS. Guesses or conjecture should not be presented as fact, and if you do not have supporting evidence either supporting or disproving a product's claims, you MUST state so in CLEAR AND UNAMBIGUOUS terms. ("I think that...", "It is my opinion that", etc.) Please do not incite a flame war by bringing personal disagreements to the message board, it is to be an open forum that does not intimidate any user, new or old, for fear of being attacked on the message board for simply asking a question.

    We urge the users of this forum to agree to the following: when a derogatory, slanderous, crude, or hateful message is posted, DO NOT RESPOND! Please allow the moderators to take care of the problem. If you find a post offensive to you, or that you feel might be offensive to someone else, please email the moderators, and we will take quick action to correct this. If users add responses that further incite a flame war, their account may be suspended or banned as well. This is not a matter of who started it first, we expect these disagreements to be handled by the moderators, not by bickering and attacks on each other.

    Do not post messages regarding any online auctions, such as eBay, Yahoo, etc. This only serves to artificially inflate the prices. We will block you from posting if you do this, or may permanently ban you if you fail to comply with our warnings. The exception to this rule are active members designated with a turquoise icon next to their name. These members have donated to the site in the past year. These members may post auction listings in the "For Sale" forum.

    Advertisements by vendors and others are limited to the Advertising forums of the message board. Vendors and other advertisers are allowed make one response to a direct question asking for parts or modifications in any of the forums. The response should be brief and direct the person asking the question to the vendor's website or an ad in the Advertising forums. This does NOT mean an advertisement is posted as a response, a link to an advertisement posted in the Advertisement forum IS appropriate.

    From time to time, the moderators of the board may ask users to refrain from certain postings or types of postings. If this happens, please comply with their request. If you do not, a warning will be issued, if you continue to ignore their request(s), you will be blocked from posting.

    If any of the above rules of conduct are broken, the moderators will issue a single warning to the email address on record, and then the following actions will be taken. "Offense" refers to an official reprimand, a polite warning or reminder will typically be issued before an official reprimand.

    1st Offense: 1 week account suspension
    2nd Offense: 2 week account suspension
    3rd Offense: Permanent account suspension

    There may be instances of extreme misbehavior in which, upon approval of all moderators, suspension may be immediate and permanent.

    If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using our message board. Again, this forum is for people to learn and share experiences from an outstanding online community of Squarebird owners.

    Thank you,

    Squarebirds Message Board Moderator

    For those of you who may not know it, our Founder, Alexander Sosiak, passed away on 3-10-2008. It has been nine years now and we still miss him. As a result of his passing, the daily operation of this Forum became my responsibility along with John Peters ~ driller, Dan Leavens, our Canadian Administrator, and John Pizzi ~ jopizz. Later on, we were fortunate to find Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, and he became our permanent Webmaster, replacing Alexander. We, and our Moderators, have dedicated ourselves to continue operating this Forum in the manner Alexander wished and we have left his Rules Of Conduct in tact. We have chosen to leave all of Alexander's posts and threads in place because they contain a wealth of important information for all of us.
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