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Alexander Passed 2yrs Ago

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  • Alexander Passed 2yrs Ago

    On the 10th it will be two years since Alexander passed away. We, who knew him, miss him greatly. For those of you who never had the opportunity to know him, you missed knowing a terrific man.

    Julie has told me this evening that tomorrow night, she will be attending a Mass held in his memory. She has also told me that Alexander would be very pleased to see his beloved Squarebirds Forum flourish, and thanks us for keeping his dream alive.

    I have asked driller or skyd to post his picture on the Home page. In the meantime, here it is, with "Charming".
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    I am sad, today. Alexander and I met on a different car-board, a long time ago. He had a Thunderbird to which there was no dedicated computer site for other like minded folks, with interest in, or a car in the garage, like his. That being a 1958, 59 and 60 T-Bird.
    Because of their "squarness" in shape, he named the site Squarebirds!
    When the site was all ready to "go public" ~ he asked me to be the first member. WHAT? WHY? I have never owned a Thundrbird of
    ANY year. Alexander said that didn't matter, and good people with an interest could join evwn if they had NO car. He even gave me a free pass to membership and I became the very first member.
    Alexander & I spoke daily over this medium. I did not know much about Squarebirds, so Alexander fed me questions to my e-mail and I'd ask him the question publicly on this site, to which Alexander would reply to me.
    That's how we got the place we all enjoy today. The old Little by little....
    So, while I still have never owned a T-Bird (I have a Cadillac, a Lincoln and 2 Mustangs & 1 Mercury Capri and a Final Edition Jeep Cherokee (XJ)
    ...but I have come to know a heck of alot about Squarebirds!!

    so, as the very first honored member, I have always been dedicated to this site, in the memory of my friend, Alexander.

    Here is our sign-in page, to this site:

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    Yes, we went "public" on Halloween!!

    So, 'ya, I miss him alot, and we had some really good times together and it was all cut too short, too soon.
    "I miss 'ya, Doctor.

    Luv Ya,
    Still here, for ya
    Sandy (or as you'd call me, "Sanford")
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      Sandy, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!! Alexander was a special person and this website special because of him.

      In a way, you read my mind. I had been thinking about him lately and wished there was some historical material describing how Squarebirds (and LOD) came about. You are really the one person to know that. What you posted today helps alot and if you can add more, that would be good, too. I was thinking that all newbies could be given a link so they could read it, and get a better perspective on things.

      Thanks again!

      1958 Hardtop
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        You have there one beautiful 'Bird, and I am sure she flies!
        To address your question, No, there is nothing more to say,
        regarding the earliest of early days of this site.
        Your car looks just like Alexander's car.
        Personally speaking....MY favorite Thunderbird, if I dare say
        so, would be a 1966 Convertible with the hard tonneau cover
        with the two headrests (padded) built into the front of the
        headrest "humps". There was a rose or a lilac color that I
        recall flipping over, and I really wanted toorder a new one,
        but....I was 20 years old, in college, and had enough money to
        probably purchase JUST the Tonneau Cover!!
        Such is life...
        BTW, I sold cars/trucks for 27 years. All 27 of those years, with MOPAR
        I.C.D. & P (Imperial, Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth & Dodge Trucks.)
        Yes, I miss Alexander, alot. I do not miss selling cars, however.


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          He was very unique man,humble as a doctor, very knowlegdeable and well known in the Thunderbird community.His legacy continues daily, on our site and to the many individuals then and now, that allow this site to flourish, he is sadly missed.
          Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
          Thunderbird Registry
          58HT #33317
          60 HT (Sold )


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            I didn't know Alexander but I did talk to him on the phone once, I like many others owe him alot for starting this site as I have had alot of help when I started working on my Bird