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Alexander Pass away

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    There's a recent photo of he and Julie at this link.
    Mike Lemmon
    '59 Raven Black Hardtop


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      Went looking for that picture...couldn't find it there. We should post his picture on the main page of our site, and leave it there keep his presence in our lives in some small way. My contact with Alexander was brief and a digital one, but in a short time, as a newcomer to your group, I was made to feel welcome...and my complete ignorance was treated by Alex with a sincere desire to offer me assistance and share the world of knowledge he had on the subject matter. It's rare to find someone who cares enough about the people he meets in his everyday life enough to offer his time, let alone someone who is willing to do the same for a stranger sitting at his laptop thousands of miles away.
      Let's devote this site to his memory and incorporate his photo onto the main page permanently.
      It is my sincere hope that this site, which he worked so hard to maintain, continues to be the best **** place anywhere for information and comraderie for the owners of the car he loved so much.
      John Lipka
      1960 Convertible
      Los Gatos, CA


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        Alexander, and his birds...
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          I agree with JCLipka on this. I only read all the threads that this man posted here. I am also lucky enough to get one (and installed last week with his instructions posted here) of his detent plates for our 60 HT. What a GREAT man and heckofa Car Guy.


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            Could someone please let me know what the name and address of the cemetary Alex was place to rest in so when I go back home to NY I can pay my final respects. I would like to be able to go "visit" on the few occassions I can get back home.


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              This Saturday morning I am shocked!
              Although I have visited the forum this summer, I coincidently read just today that Alexander passed away.

              My sympathy goes to his family and close friends.

              black 1959 hardtop
              430 ci