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The Bird Nest Phones Are Back UP!

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  • The Bird Nest Phones Are Back UP!

    I have received phone calls stating that the Bird Nest Phones are down. Here is what Don at the Bird Nest told me in an email I just received.

    Hi Ray, "Our phones went down 10:30 am yesterday morning. Phone company is working on it. We are only able to do online ordering, or email correspondence at this time. Being a holiday weekend isn't helping either. Phone company is running skeleton crew because most have today off. Let the others know we're still around. Just fighting phone service disruptions. They are doing constructions up the road, and have a feeling they severed something because it happened just when they started digging. Don ~ Bird Nest."

    So if you have been trying to get them on the phone, this is why you can't. Hopefully, their phones will be back up and running on Monday.

    I just tried to call the Bird Nest 800 number a bit ago and got the same recorded message that I got the other day when I posted this. So I emailed Don and he said that the numbers were back working again at 6am on Monday. So I tried the 800 number again and got Don directly. He said that since Monday, both phones have been ringing off the hook! So they are back in operation again!



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