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Reviewing The Last 6 Months Of Work On The Forum

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  • Reviewing The Last 6 Months Of Work On The Forum

    Over the last six months or so, your Chief Administrators of (myself, John Pizzi ~ jopizz, Dan Leavens ~ Dan Leavens, and our hardworking Webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected), have been hard at work. For years we had been running on an old version of vBulletin, until it got to the point that we finally bit the bullet and purchased the latest and greatest vBulletin 5.4.5 Connect software. This allowed those of you using the more modern technology of iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc., to better access the Forum.

    This happened over the Winter under the able direction of Webmaster Dave. Once on the new vBulletin software then came the process of the four of us checking it out and tweaking whatever we determined that was needed to be adjusted. I think we have that pretty well accomplished, though we still do some tweaking when we see something that requires adjustment. I hope that all of you are getting used to the new format and layout. If not, please let us know what problems you might be having with it.

    Also, in his "spare time", Dave engineered and set up our new PayPal account for our new software. It took some doing, working with PayPal, but now that seems to be working well for us.

    I cannot over emphasize the effort, activity and work this required of your Chief Administrators to complete these three major projects. Especially on the part of Dave ~ simplyconnected. I could not have accomplished my part without the able assistance of John ~ jopizz, Dan Leavens, and Dave. The end product is that now we have up-to-date software running the Forum, and a new, modern server. None of this could have been accomplished without the dedicated support of our Annual Paid Memberships. If we had not had your support, this Forum would not have been able to provide these much needed upgrades and quite possibly would have been gone from the web years ago.. So thank you, Paid Members!

    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
    The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
    Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411

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    Squarebirds is a fantastic resource and always has been.How do any of you have any "spare time"


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      Peter thank you for your comment. WE like YOU ( all our worldwide members ) have a distinct love for our TBirds and it becomes part of our daily DNA. Dave, John & Ray are essential with the running of our site and of course their expertise in the various areas. That is why I always say that is the best TBird site on the planet
      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
      Thunderbird Registry
      58HT #33317
      60 HT (Sold )


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        I just became a paid member. I used your pay pal. Thank you for making it so easy. I am having fun reading & learning as much as I can. It will be a great help with my 59 T- Bird work project.
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          I just wanted to say I got my 2020 calendar. Love it. I got the large one. Ray said I could put my 59 Bird in for consideration next year. I will have to work fast. So much to do. I worked 9 hr. on my flying Bird today. I will need new mufflers. The pipes look great strong all the way down. After some welding. Rust inhibiter and primmer I will feel much better.