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Painting a block and heads

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  • Painting a block and heads

    I am working on an engine I would like to paint.
    No engine work required,just painting.
    So far removed oil pan, heads.
    will pull off the freeze plugs, distribution cover. Will leave the pistons in.
    How do you prepare, brush, degrease, the block before painting?
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    I would have probably done all the scrubbing and heavy cleaning before I removed the heads and oil pan... but that's just me, i don't know how "dirty" your engine is or was... we used to steam clean the engines right in the car..did a great job (55 years ago)
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      You're right, when I saw all the guts in the engine I wondered how I will manage to protect the engine from wire brushing.
      In any case I can easily bolt everything back in place.
      But what I really want to know now is how clean I need the engine to be. I can't sand blast it and want to make sure the paint sticks...


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        It's important that you remove oil on surfaces to be painted. I use lacquer thinner, a brush and plenty of clean rags. Then, paint will adhere. If you have a small area that you do not want painted, spread a thin layer of grease on it and paint over it. Dried paint will wipe right off.
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          I found that using a old paint gun with wax and grease remover and paper towels work great. Spray it on and wipe it off while still wet. I epxoy prime then paint with regular automotive base coat and clear coat. Single stage works great too.
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            Nice, very nice.
            Chris.....From OZ.