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Rocker Shaft Bolts

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  • Rocker Shaft Bolts

    I need to get a set of correct bolts for a Ford FE rocker arm bolts, including the ones with a reduced shank to allow for oil passage.
    I am using a regular OEM style rocker system and stands.
    Dave pointed out a set on E-Bay.
    I also tried to get some from ARP but they are not aware of these parts (!?) and ask for thread size, diameters, lengths for all bolts. My parts being at the engine builder (and not sure my parts are correct as I don't have reduced shanks on the 2 bolts) I can't measure them to forward the information to ARP.
    Any body out there knows?

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    I am copying here the excellent reply Dave made on my same question although on another post (Anything goes ->Small Block restoration finishing tips)
    Thank you Dave

    This is why it's important to use a GOOD and experienced FE engine builder. I know that Ford quit making these engines many decades ago and that most of the 'FE guys' are long retired, so finding 'the right guy' is not easy, especially in Europe.

    Ford parts catalogs refer to these bolts in two part numbers as follows:
    C1AZ 6A527-A (qty. 2) 3/8"-16 x 3.29
    C1DZ 6A527-C (qty. 6) 3/8"-16 x 2 31/32

    Notice that only TWO are required for the oiling stands and both part numbers are called out as the same diameter. But... look at the difference in shank diameter and thread length. ARP will not have what you need because they are not FE guys but they will have standard bolts:



    You can use grade-8, 3/8"-16 x 3-1/4" bolts that are turned down in a lathe. How far? I would take off 1/8" (.125" diameter) OR you can simply grind a flat into the side of a standard bolt (as I previously mentioned). Make sure you use hardened flat washers because the bolts are carbon steel and the stands are aluminum.

    Experienced builders restrict oil flow to the heads because FE engines notoriously retain about a quart of oil 'on top', on long interstate trips where 65-MPH is sustained for hours. My point is, the shank diameter may be a little larger than the small-shank OEM bolts, just to restrict oil flow. Rocker arms do not need much oil flow.​

    A common mistake that Chevy builders make is to install the rocker shafts upside down. Rocker arm oiling holes are on the BOTTOM of the shaft. - Dave​