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Building an All-Aluminum,Fuel injected FE engine

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  • Building an All-Aluminum,Fuel injected FE engine

    I haven't watched it all yet but I'm excited already!

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    I LOVE the cylinder liners used in this engine. Nothing beats cast iron as a cylinder bore because by definition, 'cast iron' is at least 2% carbon which is graphite and a lubricant unto itself. Cast iron is very porous which helps hold motor oil among the carbon. Cast iron was probably chosen because it is dirt cheap and very easy to machine but after 120 years of 'trial' it's still the best choice for cylinders.
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      Building an all aluminum FE, and with fuel injection! Do keep an eye on the budget, as this can most definitely get expensive, but we (P.B.F.) do keep the Shelby aluminum blocks in inventory, most popular is the "Big-Bore" version.

      Note that the more ductile cast iron alloy utilized in the manufacturing of these sleeves is quite different from the "grey" cast iron often encompassed in the relative application blocks by the O.E.; as is the centrifugal casting process most often utilized in the sleeve production, both lending to superior strength and reduction in wear, but perhaps less capability in the lubricity content as mentioned, but of coarse more expensive.



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        Brilliant channel with amazing engine build content. Thanks for the post!